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The migrant farmworker community is the backbone of our agriculture industry, however migrant farmworkers are one of the most financially vulnerable populations in the U.S., making the reality of a higher education challenging.  The Miguel R Velazquez Migrant Education Foundation Scholarship, aims to help the migrant farmworker community by providing scholarships to students who are currently working in agriculture or are children of migrant farmworkers.

  • Five $2,000 scholarships will be awarded to incoming college freshmen.

  • Two $1,000 scholarships will be awarded for returning college students in accredited higher education institutions (can include trade schools). This includes any students sophomore through senior year.

Miguel R. Velazquez Migrant Education

Foundation Scholarship Application

Deadline: December 1, 2022


Required fields below for applicant:

  • Must be currently employed in agriculture (migrant or seasonal farmworker) or have one parent or legal guardian who is employed in agriculture (migrant or seasonal farmworker).

  • Must be enrolled in college by Fall 2022 for funds to be distributed directly to institution or currently enrolled.

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